Army 2 year contract

Congress mandated that all of the military services offer the NCS program, effective October Under the NCS program, a person enlists on active duty for a period of 15 months, following basic training and job training which makes an average month active duty enlistment period.

Everyone who enlists under the NCS incurs a total 8-year military service obligation. Following the active duty commitment, recruits will have to accept one of the following:. After serving for the additional time period mentioned above, the commitment is not over yet remember, this is a total eight-year commitment. Whatever time remains of that total eight-year commitment, must be spent in one of the following programs:.

As with the other services, the Army wasn't thrilled with the program when Congress mandated it, and instituted it on a very limited basis. However, sagging recruiting numbers have prompted the Army to expand the program to all of their recruiting locations. Members who enlist under the National Call to Service Program will receive their choice of one of the following enlistment incentives:.

Note : Recruits who enlist under the National Call to Service program are not eligible for the MGIB unless they later reenlist for two or more additional years. Recruits will be required to stipulate in the enlistment contract which of the above incentives they will receive. The month-plus enlistment option is available for the following military occupational specialties:. By Full Bio. Rod Powers was the U.

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Continue Reading.When you join the U. Army as an enlisted soldier you sign a legal document known as an enlistment contract. All first-term enlistments in the U.

Most standard Army enlistment contracts feature four years of active duty and four years of inactive reserve service. However, the Army also offers a wide array of enlistment contract options. The enlistment contract you sign is a legally binding agreement between you and the Army.

Failure to live up to the enlistment contract you sign with the Army can expose you to potential criminal or civil penalties. In exchange, the Army is obligated to abide by the contract it signs with you, including your agreed-to job training.

It is important to fully understand your commitment before signing an enlistment contract with the Army or other branch of the U. While most Army enlistment contracts feature a four-year active duty component, the length of an individual soldier's contract depends on several factors.

Army Enlistment Contract Options

For example, some Army programs offer active duty enlistment contracts of two, three or six years. The Army enlistment contract options available to you will also depend on the kind of training you receive.

Some Army programs and training schools might require you to commit to a minimum four- or six-year active duty service obligation, while others allow two or three years. While you should always be mindful of the active duty service length of your Army enlistment contract, other items such as any bonuses should be considered as well.

The Army always guarantees in writing your job training for a particular skill. Items in your Army enlistment contract might also include any promotion to an advanced pay grade for your civilian education or job experience. Plus, some Army enlistment contracts offer first-time enlistees a guaranteed station of their choice.

There are many elements of military service that aren't spelled out in an enlistment contract. According to the MilitarySpot website, certain benefits and incentives that are authorized by law do not have to be specified in the contract.

These include the fact that you will receive base pay, be assigned housing and have access to medical care. Once you sign your enlistment contract, there is little that can be done to change it. Tony Guerra served more than 20 years in the U.

He also spent seven years as an airline operations manager. Guerra is a former realtor, real-estate salesperson, associate broker and real-estate education instructor.

army 2 year contract

He holds a master's degree in management and a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies. By Tony Guerra. Army Enlistment Contracts The enlistment contract you sign is a legally binding agreement between you and the Army. Enlistment Contract Options While most Army enlistment contracts feature a four-year active duty component, the length of an individual soldier's contract depends on several factors.

Enlistment Contract Items While you should always be mindful of the active duty service length of your Army enlistment contract, other items such as any bonuses should be considered as well.Reenlistment Options are only available, if otherwise qualified, to those Soldiers at the rank of private first class or above, who are considered in the reenlistment opportunity window ROW. Option 1 carries no guarantee of assignment, training, or stabilization.

Soldiers will be assigned and utilized according to the needs of the Army. Soldiers, except those reenlisting to meet service remaining requirements, may be assigned to their present duty assignment or to any vacancy for which qualified. Reenlistment Obligation year period. Option 2 guarantees a 1 to month period of stabilization as prescribed by Appendix E, Table E-2, Line 5 Reenlistment Obligation year period.

army 2 year contract

Option 4 guarantees a or month assignment to one of the following overseas areas of choice: 1 Korea. Option 5 guarantees assignment for at least 24 months at the CONUS station-of-choice for Soldiers reenlisting for 3, 4, 5, or 6 year periods, if otherwise qualified and authorized. Skip to content. Option 1, Regular Army Reenlistment Option Option 1 carries no guarantee of assignment, training, or stabilization.

Option 4, Overseas Assignment Reenlistment Option Option 4 guarantees a or month assignment to one of the following overseas areas of choice: 1 Korea.The U. Army offers signing bonuses and other opportunities to receive financial incentives based on the type of service. Learn more about the Army bonus list with incentives that could earn you hundreds or thousands more in special pay! Recruits start earning the moment they join basic training.

There are many other ways to earn additional cash through the Armed Forces in addition to Basic Pay. Soldiers can also receive added pay for completing special training, taking on another responsibility, or having served in the Armed Force beforehand.

The initial payment for new recruit Army bonuses is made upon arrival at your first duty station, after completing basic training and AIT training. Speaking with a local Army recruiter can provide you with more details on special pay and bonuses:. The amount of your enlistment bonus depends on the length of the contract and the desired Military Occupational Specialty MOS.

The Army offers incentives for signing up for a longer tour such as a four or five-year commitment. Additionally, you may receive a Civilian Acquired Skills Bonus along with an enlistment incentive. The Army rewards new recruits that possess civilian skills that are in high demand in the military, such as proficiency in a foreign language or X-Ray certification.

Along with a financial incentive directed toward enlisting in the military, the Army also provides a Quick Ship Bonus. The good news is all that these bonuses can get combined together, so you can add the Quick Ship Bonus to your Enlistment Bonus for additional earnings.

One of the more exciting enlistment bonuses for new recruits of the Army to consider is the Airborne Enlistment Bonus. The Army Airborne School is an exciting yet challenging training program where you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to parachute out of airplanes. A recruiter has the most up-to-date Army bonus list for Military Occupational Specialties that offer special pay. The military is really good about providing financial aid to students looking to get vocational certificates or college degrees.

The Army also influences the rate of the military bonus based on the amount of additional service time the solider agreed to in a contract.

The Army bonus list is designed to give you an idea of how much extra you could earn joining the military. Army allows you to combine bonuses, so depending on your skills, training, and desired MOS you could earn thousands more in special pay.

Contact a local Army recruiter for more information about the special bonuses currently being offered. For a current list of Army bonuses, click here.

army 2 year contract

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Army 7 Army Bonuses For There are many advantages to joining the United States Army. Did you know that you can also receive special pay for serving the country?

Image: Virginia National Guard Recruits start earning the moment they join basic training. Recruits start receiving pay the moment they reach boot camp. The remaining bonus amount is earned in two annual increments. Keep in mind that Army bonuses change frequently based on the needs of the military branch.

Speaking with a local Army recruiter can provide you with more details on special pay and bonuses: Jump To 7 Army Bonuses For 1. Enlistment Bonus 2. Quick Ship Bonus 3. Airborne Enlistment Bonus 4.Avon Protection Systems Inc. Bids were solicited via the internet with two received.

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The work to be performed provides for request for proposal RFP documentation for design-bid-build DBB mechanical engineering projects with associated multi-discipline architect-engineering support services for new construction, alteration, repair and installation of mechanical systems and associated facilities.Career Center Online Degrees Search:. The shortest US army contract is 2 years, does this include training bct,ait?

MSG Glenn. I'm pretty sure that the 2 year enlistment also includes some mandatory time in the Ready Reserve. Most enlistments do. My son is getting out of the 3rd Ranger Batt. Not bad for 3 years of partime work. On active duty in the military you receive 30 days of leave per year. That's not countable toward your leave time.

What other entry level job gives you a 30 day vacation starting at the 1st year your in? Going to foreign countries while on leave takes special permission. I am a Soldier. I will always be a Soldier. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - ArmyReal. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Kevin Recruit. Join Date: Mar Posts: 3.

Send a private message to Kevin Find all posts by Kevin Exo1 General of the Armies. Send a private message to Exo1. Find all posts by Exo1. Send a private message to MSG Glenn. Find all posts by MSG Glenn. Posting Rules. Copyright Activv, LLC. All rights reserved.I feel an urge to serve my country, I also think it would be a good experience. I'm 25, I kind of wish I had done this when I was younger, as if I were to do a 4 year enlistment now I'd be getting out like 30 years old.

I know the Army has two year enlistments. I was wondering if I could sign up and be guranteed to only serve for two years. I have a buddy who was a ranger and even after his 4 years was up and he came back from Iraq there was something with the contract where they could call him up for another 4 years or something like that.

I would only join if I knew after 2 years I could get out for sure. You can join for two years but it isn't guaranteed you will only serve two years. You could be stop-lossed for a deployment if you unit is about to go to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Also, your contract is for eight years. If you get out at two years you are still subject to the IRR and can be called back in. Don't listen to that guy at the top, you can join until you are Enlistments are always 8 years.

army 2 year contract

The combination of active and reserve time is there, but after seperation, you're still subject to callback until the 8 years are up. Many people sign extensions, there're often financial incentives to do it, though they're based on skills and need.

With a 2 year contract you won't get much training or anything. You can be 35 under even the old rules and enlist, certain training programs have different age restrictions.

I've heard it's been extended to 42, but that's probably reserve duty.

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Simply put, NO. There are no 2-year enlistments, only enlistments that include provisions for your serving ONLY two years on active duty. All enlistments carry a term of service that may be split between the active and reserve component US Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

The standard enlistment contract is for 6 or 8 years, depending into what program you are enlisting, regardless of service or specialty.