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The Suzuki Every is a micro van available in both commercial an passenger versions. The model was originally called the Carry, but after a while it was renamed the Every. The Every is available with both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations and received a series of upgrades in The vehicle is basically a rebadged version of the Mazda Scrum and it shares the same engines and technologies with its twin.

Power comes from a cc engine which is mated on either three of four speed automatic transmissions. The front is dominated by a pretty nice grille which is flanked by a pair or raised, rectangular headlights which give the vehicle a smug face. The bonnet is pretty short and enhances the boxy shape of the Every. The front and rear bumpers have been reshaped and come with a pretty modern design. We especially like that the van features a generous glass area which keeps the cabin airy.

Along the sides there is a longitudinal crease which starts to run from the front headlights all the way back to the rear light clusters. The B and C pillars have been blacked out and give the van a touch of sportiness. Access to the load area is made by means of lateral sliding rear doors or a convenient roof hinged tail gate. The seating position is also pretty upright and the seats are a bit flat and hard. We also like the all around visibility which is nothing short of excellent thanks to the wide glass area that surrounds you.

Suzuki tried to make its small cab look bigger by wrapping it in a bright beige colour which looks fairly nice. The materials look pretty upscale for a utility vehicle, but the cheap plastics still rule the place. The two spoke steering wheel is also pretty modern and offers a confident grab, despite its compact dimensions.

The center stack is a bit cluttered and intrusive, but some sacrifice had to me made to fit the gear knob into the dash.

There is also a glove box, a set of door pockets and a useful tray fitted with cup holders and a few cubbies nested between the front seats.

Suzuki Carry

At the heart of this small LCV sits a similarly small cc engine with two valves on each cylinder head. This is the same unit used in the old generation and develops I love this vehicle I've seen some around Singapore, and it is a very cosmetically moddable vehicle. I believe those who love insane ICE and chrome rims would do very well with this vehicle. Have you spotted one recently?

Looks like the Suzuki Wagon R. The body may not be strong to withstand a crash. It has a short nose. The drivers' leg might be gone if it can't brake in time and hit a vehicle in front.

The glass windows formed a major part of the van's body. In the event of a crash with the windows shattered, it is going to be painful and dangerous for the passengers. In the left most lane, there are many other bigger vehicles like Cabstar, Hiace, construction trucks and lorry. In the event of an accident, there is a danger that it might be badly crushed from front and rear by the bigger vehicles.

Regular and high-maintenance were the reasons cited by them. They told me parts are more expensive also. Is this true?


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So anyone have any solutions to these problems: A Heat meter does not react at all, until engine apparently is close to top heat or over. Sometimes, on uphill or high crank situation, meter goes backwards. I drove well over an hour after noticing this and the engine kept going perfectly, only seemed to actually heat up some 10 minutes before I stopped driving.

B Car keeps running even when the key has been removed if the engine is running hot. Have to intentionally stall it to stop the engine. C Coolant seems to leak from somewhere near the front, but where? Radiator no sign of leak at least what I can see from the front without opening anything, looking under the front no dripping, but there is evidence of coolant flowing from the front to the back and then dripping from multiple places on the bottom of the vehicle.

Dripping is right behind the spare tyre, on both sides of vehicle below rear passenger doors. D Even when engine is running hot, will not push hot air from ventilation. Air filter was replaced. Like a jackhammer. Sometimes gets going smoothly. The water pump was replaced. So I assume the problem is either blockage in the radiator, or a leak somewhere in the front of the vehicle.

Leaving the vehicle on downhill after having stopped the engine there is some random sloshing sound from the front. Last edited: Mar 28, HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Very thin, narrow n tall car Do cornering too fast like will topple anytime. The non turbo version is severely under power. Ppl get impatient with u cos u drive too slow and if u want to drive fast, drinks petrol like free like that. Pick up speed and power will piss u off. Nv is using the same Kangoo's 1.

I only saw 4 speed auto. Is join turbo the latest? Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off.

suzuki every forum

Refbacks are On. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Suzuki APV is larger. Anyone drives the auto version? Will the driver seat get hot since the engine compartment is below the seat. The latest version is 5 speed auto? Only left nv and vw caddy as viable options. Maintenance is another issue altogether. Can drive to JB?

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suzuki every forum

Get the dealers selling the Suzuki Every to contact me with their best deals. Submodel RRP. Turbo M. Turbo A. Items for Suzuki Every. Similar New Cars. Sorry, there are no similar new cars. All prices and other information displayed on sgCarMart. Follow sgCarMart.

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Top 5 questions to ask every used car dealer. How to parallel park perfectly, every time.

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So if i want to play save i get one more longer jumpstart cable? Am i right? Any kind right? I don't it works that way. Best to know where your terminals are like I mentioned or get a pack with long wires. Hello all! Does the Every come with rear seats? Yup, comes with rear seats. The normal mode is more like a bench. The Join Turbo model i bought got individual seat. Technically not legal. Go inspection fold down and take out seat belts can already.

My car dealer dismantled my seats and seat belts before sending to LTA for inspection. Thereafter, they don't install back for me. Luckily I managed to install it back myself.

Are passengers allowed to sit on the factory fitted rear seats in the every join turbo? Will tp summon? Hottyhot wrote: Are passengers allowed to sit on the factory fitted rear seats in the every join turbo? Lobaba wrote: 2 'lucky' suzuki every drivers tio summon yesterday dun say never warn. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off.

suzuki every forum

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